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We Reward You for Staying Fit

The choice to stay fit is the obvious choice for our own physical and mental well-being. At Iron Fit Gym, we know that it takes a lot of determination to actually continue on that path, so we reward you for each little step that you take with us towards that goal, every single day. The very fact that you are attending the gym sessions is a sign that you want to make positive changes, and that’s why even your gym check-ins are rewarded with redeemable points here at Iron Fit Gym. The same goes for just about every other step you take with us towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle as well, be it the very act of signing up for the rewards program or just staying up to date with the latest developments in the world of health and fitness via our social media channels.

Our Rewards are Designed to Make You Even Fitter

The points our members earn by following a path of physical transformation through discipline and dedication can be redeemed at any time, once the total tally of points reaches the number assigned to a particular perk. However, the perks themselves are intentionally designed in a way that they further motivate you or contribute towards attaining your ultimate fitness goals.

It’s a Little Thank You Note from Us

Consider the perks as thank you notes from us to you for your continued membership with us. We at Iron Fit Gym appreciate the support and loyalty that you have given us, so it only makes sense that we try to give back something for the faith you have placed in us by providing not only the best service possible, but also some additional perks to keep our members motivated for the next session.

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Earning Activities

Refer a Friend
Member Anniversary
Join Rewards Program
Twitter Follow
Personal Training Session Attended
Facebook Check In
Airbrush Tanning Appointment Attended
Gym Check In
Styku Body Imaging Scan
Every $1 Spent on Infrared Sauna Sessions
Every $1 Spent on Retail, Food, & Drink

Your Perks

Cooler Drink
20 oz Smoothie
Infarared Sauna Session
STYKU Body Imaging Scan
Custom Air Brush Spray Tan
30-Min Personal Training Session
1 Month of Membership Dues
60-min Personal Training Session

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Points not valid for cash back (unless required by law). Must use in one visit. Does not cover tax or gratuity. Cannot be combined with other offers. Points will automatically expire 30 days after membership cancellation